Agency Backup Services


Do you experience situations in which your shipping agency organization is faced with an understaffing situation? Does your organization occasionally require staff support in the basis shipping agency functions? Dirkzwager's agency backup services are the answer.



Royal Dirkzwager takes care of time-consuming administrative tasks and offers you extra capacity in time of shortage of your experienced staff, including all necessary paperwork and digital document handling with the Port authority, Port community system, customs, immigration etc. In addition, we have operators and vessel boarding clerks available in case of capacity problems.

Dirkzwager works on behalf of the principal. Naturally, confidentiality is strictly maintained.



  • The understaffed agency can fulfill their obligations towards principals.
  • Increasing the staff flexibility.
  • Reducing cost resulting from better managing peak moments.
  • Fall back onto a reliable staffing option.


Why Dirkzwager?

  • Service is tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • Experienced  and well-trained staff.
  • Dirkzwager's close relationship with the local port authorities, immigration, customs.
  • All necessary communication tools and technologies available.
  • We offer you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 service.

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