Oil & Gas Operators

Royal Dirkzwager, a subscriber to the NOGEPA register, offers a variety of services to the Oil & Gas industry. With today’s large number of vessel movements, the safety of oil and gas installations and other valuable assets is a major concern. With complex activities going on like seismic surveys, drilling and other activities in a congested area like the North Sea, safety is paramount. Oil & Gas companies have to rely on active monitoring and navigational advice to pro-actively prevent potential incidents especially in the case of complex operations.


Offshore VTS Pilots

Authorities such as the (Dutch) Coastguard have confidence that these operations stand the best chance of running smoothly and all necessary local legislations and procedures will be followed to the letter when on site assistance of Royal Dirkzwager’s Offshore VTS Pilots is used. Our Pilots have intimate knowledge of the North Sea area in terms of infrastructure, operating and communication procedures and legislation.


Risk reduction

Royal Dirkzwager has partnered with Vissim to create some joint monitoring service products for the Oil & Gas industry. The aim is to assist owners and operators in reducing costs and operational risks during the constructional and operational phases of a project. This can be done by developing, implementing and operating monitoring systems that continuously follow the vessels movements around offshore installations. Also environmental protection such as early detection of oil spills is a possibility offered by Royal Dirkzwager and Vissim.


24/7 emergency

Another service is the possibility of having a 24/7 emergency phone number stand by. Our Maritime Callcenter offers different levels of telephone assistance and we are able to act in accordance with your specific procedures.


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