Renewable Energy

Increasing demand for renewable energy has prioritized the development of wind farms and tidal energy farms.

Wind power is growing fast and is widely used in the world, especially in Europe, Asia and the United States. Managing wind farms and tidal energy farms requires effective planning, monitoring and communication. Especially with today’s large number of vessel movements the safety of wind and tidal energy farms (and personnel working there) in the vicinity of busy shipping lanes is a major concern.


Remote Monitoring

Royal Dirkzwager and VisSim offer a solution for day-to-day traffic management and operation of a wind or tidal energy farm during its life cycle, from the demanding construction period to daily operations. With the stationing of our own VTS pilots during the construction and the remote monitoring from our onshore Maritime Control Center during their operational life, we can help you to protect your offshore wind and tidal energy farms against loss or damage resulting from collisions with vessels.


Maritime-nautical advice

The provision of maritime-nautical advice to our wind and tidal energy farm customers is another of our core activities. This relates to subjects such as the location and the layout of offshore wind farms.

Royal Dirkzwager and Vissim are at your service to help you develop, implement and operate monitoring systems that continuously follow the vessel movements around your wind and tidal energy farms.


24/7 emergency

Another service is the option of having a 24/7 stand by emergency phone number. Our Maritime Callcenter offers different levels of telephone assistance and we are able to act in accordance with your specific procedures.

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