Expected Vessels, Vessels In Port, Arrivals and Sailings

Real-time vessel information, correct port information and a complete overview of all ship traffic at sea and in a port. Royal Dirkzwager can provide very detailed port visit information for a great number of seaports in the world.


For Dutch and other North-West European seaports, the information is gathered through Royal Dirkzwager´s direct and intensive relation with the local port authorities, terminals, business partners and validated by specialized personnel.
Because of these tight relationships with partners in ports all over the world, Dirkzwager is able to provide you correct and up-to-date data for ports outside North-West Europe as well.
This validated port visit information can be delivered in various ways, i.e. through our internet applications (Ship2Report, PortCall, Ship4terminal etc.), but can also be provided through web services for integration with your computer systems.


You have access to port visit information for selected ports applicable to your business needs. Examples of commonly searched for information is:
- Vessels expected for a port
- Vessels currently in port
- Vessels departing a port

A combination of these options is also possible. In Dirkzwager´s internet applications this information can be combined with vessel characteristics. In addition, the position of the vessel can be displayed graphically on a port map providing the most accurate and up-to-date location of the vessel. The integration with Dirkzwager´s ISPS announcement service makes these internet platforms the most reliable and comprehensive tools for supporting your operational and commercial business processes.


  • Direct access to very detailed port visit information for many ports in the world.

  • Delivery method in line with your requirements.

  • Port visit information in combination with vessel characteristics, vessel position, alerts, ISPS announcements offered in our Web application.

Why Dirkzwager?

  • Longstanding experience in the field of port visit coordination and logging.

  • Combining the most reliable sources into one application.

  • We offer reliable and always up-to-date data.

  • We offer you quick and 24/7 service.

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